Social Media Management


Have you ever been out with friends and just looked up to realise that a whole table of people is sitting down looking at something on their phones. You are not alone...

Society has been changed forever by the internet and continues to change with the domination of Social Media. With its increasing popularity very rarely do we have the same contact that we had with our friends and family that we had even 10 years ago. In this bold new world we can ‘chat’ with these people whilst having not heard their voice or ‘seen’ them in months or even years. As well as the ability to have such constant contact with those closest to us, we share the important (and not so important) moments with everyone else. High school friends, old colleagues and even a few people we have only met once or twice, with post varying from a new renovation to an evening meal.

With the help of the Scarlet Feather Team every one of your clients will able to recommend your service to on average 150 people and this is just the start. Clients will also be able to share photos of your products, leave reviews but more importantly get in touch with you with just one click of a button.

We will help get you started with Social Media by setting your business up with a Facebook Company Page as well lesser known but equally important Google + Page that will help you better rank on The Scarlet Feather Team can have this complete and uploaded with professional artwork in 3-5 business days and from there will guide you through best practices to become and Social Media Master and gain more exposure for your business than ever before.

Remember just like word of mouth advertising this marketing technique is dependent on a high level of customer service and a quality product. However, when done correctly it is by far one of the most effective way to communicate with clients as well as gain new ones. Contact us today to find out how we can spread the word for you.